Kevin Atkinson

I began my love for photography when I enrolled in a 4-H photography project at age 8. I soon graduated from a Canon 35mm film point-and-shoot to a Canon 35mm film SLR camera, and began learning all about apertures and shutter speeds. By high school I was taking friend's senior photos, several family portraits, developing my own black & white film for the school newspaper, teaching sixth graders photography, and working as a part-time assistant for a wedding photographer. It all just kept rolling from there.

I now classify myself as a semi-professional photographer. I love the beauty of nature, and I focus primarily on landscape and wildlife photography.  However, like most photographers, I enjoy stretching my creativity by dabbling in other areas!

My wife and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the Rocky Mountains provide much more beauty than I have time to capture!

Please check out my photos under Photo Galleries or for sale on my ETSY store, and let me know which ones you like the best!


My Gear

I am frequently asked about what gear I use for my photos. Here's a list of the core equipment that I'm currently using.